I simply love to teach.

In 2010 I started teaching Bachelor and Master students at The Royal College Of Music in Stockholm, where I still remain, and as of 2012 I am in charge of the clarinet department at The Music and Opera College at Mälardalen University in Västerås (long name yes, MOMDH for short). I have given numerous masterclasses around Europe, and also coached other instrumentalists.

On top of all this I also give seminars – or, ONE seminar. Which I keep changing – in which I discuss different techniques in dealing with mental preparation, self coaching, striving to be a better human being etc. All this is scientifically solid, and the techniques is 95% stolen from the world of Track and Field athletes.

I also give private lessons online through Zoom, Skype etc. I teach any level of student, just send an email to lessons@emiljonason.se and I will get back to you.


Check out my YouTube for some tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/user/klarinettfett/


Some information about the schools:

Royal College of Music in Stockholm (official webpage)
– Bachelor Degree in Clarinet (14 hours per semester)
– Master Degree in Chamber Music/Orchestral Studies
– Advanced studies in Clarinet (1 or 2 years)

Mälardalen University in Västerås (official webpage)
– Bachelor Degree in Chamber Music (14 hours individual lessons per semester and 4 hours Chamber Music per semester/student/teacher)
– Main Instrument course, 50% study rate (14 hours individual lessons per semester, group classes and lessons with pianist)

Now, does this sound interesting, and/or too good to be true to you? Please see some Testimonials from current and past students of mine below.


” Emil has an incredibly wide musical range, and has helped me with everything from romantic pieces to modern music. He is also skilled in teaching basic techniques in a pedagogic way that is easy to understand.
Since Emil is a world class clarinetist, he is also a role model and a source of inspiration that always makes me want to reach the next level.”

Magnus Holmander, Master student at The Royal College of Music

” Emil spent four days giving masterclasses – as well as a lecture on mental training – to the College students and the Young Talents Program at Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo.

Emil’s teaching is at a rattling high level; the students has been inspired by his deep understanding of music as well as his infectious enthusiasm for the profession. He has individualised his teaching to match each student, regardless of their age and if they play a brass or woodwind instrument.

I give Emil the warmest of recommendations for the future. “

Sverre Riise, Head of the Wind Section at Barratt Due Music College in Oslo


“Emil’s lessons are one of the most comfortable and nurturing environments I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in!

His commitment to fostering musical success is so exciting, that every lesson is an exercise in developing a personal and optimistic approach to music making. Quickly diagnosing technical issues, Emil has really helped me mature my technique through simple but effective exercises.

Most importantly for me he has helped me discover my own approach, introduced me to some real game-changing musical and technical ideas and continues to encourage me to find my own voice.”

Luke Holman, Royal Northern College of Music, England

” To have Emil as a teacher was first and foremost incredibly inspiring. What I valued especially was that he kept pushing me to want to keep developing. Emil’s teaching methods are very similar to how to coach a professional athlete… “

Carl Ahlgren, Bachelor Graduate of The Royal College of Music

“Emil has – through his innovative ways of teaching and unlimited energy and enthusiasm– inspired me to find my individual way of expressing music. With his dedication and commitment to my progress, Emil is always encouraging me to challenge myself and to remain self-confident in all the situations that I experience as a clarinetist.
In that way, he is not only the teacher I need to develop my technique, but also the mentor I desire in my career as a musician.” 

Nadja Abbas, Bachelor student at Mälardalen University