“He can sound like an entire storm”



” An equally unquestionable mastery of the instrument has not been heard in Oulu in living memory..”


“This blockbuster [Jonason] is a strikingly virtuosic musician, who can play on his instrument in an obscurely fast, high, loud, quiet voice, he can whisper and sing enchantingly. How many sound colors a clarinet can produce!


” [Jonason] does not only shows virtuosic tricks with his clarinet, he purrs and hisses excitedly and thus provokes the range of his instrument, but also proves himself as a performer with entertainment.


 “Jonason’s Mozart is overflowing with musicality…
…the audience loved it, stood up and almost refused to sit down for Jonason’s encore.”



 ” The young Swedish clarinetist had the aura of a Rock Star, and made every lightning fast passage sound clear and musically…

…the reviewer could not believe his ears and was left utterly amazed. Bravo! Da Capo! “



” In Christian Lindberg’s new clarinet concerto Emil Jonason proves that he is the new clarinet star after Martin Fröst..

…in one moment he is theatrically extroverted and the next there is a poetic sensitively  in pianissimos you did not know existed, a range of expressions that got the Gothenburg audience completely knocked out.”


” Virtuoso Jonason was outstanding … …one of the most memorable solo performances of the season.”


” Any orchestra with such a soloist should consider themselves blessed:
Emil Jonason was the magician who used his instrument as a silver bullet exceeding classical norms, and arousing disbelief:
Can the clarinet really be played like this? “



“… it is hard to imagine how anyone could have mastered the Lindberg score better than Jonason.

…in Jonason’s hands the solo cadenza approaching the finale went beyond the power of infinitives to describe.”

Performing Arts Monterey Bay

” This performance was completely owned by [Jonason]…

… Jonason gave out the most graceful tones possible. Even his piercing high notes were sweet, and the delicacy with which he would fade out for the orchestra’s turn was sublime.”

San Fransisco Classical Voice


” Jonason and [Christian] Lindberg presented a work which has every chance in the world to reach out and be performed over and over again around the world.


” It is not difficult to see how Jonason will succeed and travel around the world with this piece in a manner reminding of [Christian] Lindberg’s motorcycle track…

…[Christian] Lindberg’s composition is cleverly seducing his audience with dynamic changes from ethereal standstill to carnivalesque ecstasy…

…the Yngwie Malmsteen of the clarinet.”


” Emil Jonason put on an indelible new stamp on Magnus Lindberg’s fabulous concerto of 2002, coaxing parts of it to sound like Debussy, and contributing a stupendous cadenza…

…blast of cheers and whistles evolved into rhythmic clapping for curtain call after curtain call.”


” Jonason and Lindberg lifted the bar for what we can expect from the clarinet…

…Jonason delivered a performance that went beyond thrilling into a realm of the unattainable.”

Monterey County Herald

“[Jonason] entertained, enthralled and enraptured us with his technical wizardry as he made his U.S. debut. “

San Jose Mercury News

”The concert’s most remarkable performance was Emil Jonason’s fantastic arrangement of Tom Waits’ ”Lucinda”. He impressively used his clarinet to represent Waits’ full expression in the tragic love story about Lucinda.”

Uppsala Nya Tidning

“He really knocked us out with that solo!”

– Swedish TV Commentator’s reaction at the Nobel Prize Ceremony 2012.

“He’s not sleeping, he’s practicing.”

– Interview in RUM’BA

“…a performance worthy of an Oscar among clarinetists…”

Svenska Dagbladet

”Emil Jonason lives music”

Svenska Dagbladet

“The encore’s wild and unpredictable virtuosity was like a cirkus act at highest possible level”

Helsingborgs Dagblad