• May 06 2019

    Fantastic news from Los Angeles!

    I’m happy to announce that I am one of this year’s winners in the Kaleidoscope Instrumental and Vocal Competition! This means a very nice prize sum, but most importantly that I get to play my awesome wife Emmy Lindström’s  clarinet concerto “At the Hills of Hampstead Heath” in Los Angeles next season!!

    Thank you again to the 1600 musicians from 90 countries that applied to our 2019 instrumental and vocal competition!…

    Publicerat av Kaleidoscope Måndag 6 maj 2019

  • Apr 25 2018

    Emmy Lindström’s clarinet concerto is a HIT !!!

    I am so happy and proud that Emmy’s clarinet concerto “At the Hills of Hampstead Heath”  has been a phenomenal success with all the four orchestras! Standing ovations with every orchestra along with incredible reviews:


    ” The second movement’s melody lines was a blessing for the soul.

    ” [Jonason] is absolutely irresistible.”

    “… a work that radiates timeless harmony and sense of life, while giving the clarinet soloist an opportunity to showcase all the possible possibilities of the instrument.

    “… easy to fall for Lindström’s lively and fun, but at the same time mysteriously made style synthesis. “




    More reviews at http://emiljonason.se/projects
    As for the rest of you orchestras, book it now!!

  • Sep 14 2017

    Roaring Review from the World Premiere

    ” The second movement’s melody lines was a blessing for the soul…

    …the broad melodies and the striking orchestration will continue to bringing down the house in the future, as it did on the premiere…

    …Jonason impressed by using his entire range of expression and playing…”

    – Helsingborgs Dagblad


    After last week’s world premiere of Emmy Lindström’s clarinet concerto “At the Hills of Hampstead Heath”.

  • Aug 01 2017

    Insane review!!

    Holy guacamole,

    I could not be more proud of my debut CD, and especially proud for this review.

    “Mr Jonason appears to combine the brilliant extended techniques, the interest in recent repertoire, and indeed the rock star pizazz required to get the gig.”

    “To my ears this clarinet concerto is the best example from [Christian Lindberg] I’ve heard to date – and that’s saying something!”

    “…this disc provides a first-class introduction to the dazzling artistry of a brilliant clarinet talent, and provides further evidence of Christian Lindberg’s growing compositional mastery.”


  • Jul 17 2017

    TWO more awesome reviews: Classical Ear & Classical Voice America

    ” Jonason plays it to the hilt, seemingly as far gone in places as Lindberg. There’s a great deal of fun to be had if you’re happy to go along with the helter-skelter twists and turns, chiaroscuro emotions and volte-face shifts in mood.”


    “This album is a showcase for the virtuosity of Swedish clarinetist Emil Jonason, who displays phenomenal technique and an ability to exude excitement in everything he plays.”

    New CD Shows Off Clarinet Mastery, With Double Twist